Research and Projects

Water.  Every person, creature and living thing on Earth needs it for survival. Without it, we die – and quickly. Further, our communities, countries, industries and business es all need water in order to sustain their ongoing operations. It lies at the heart of our economy, representing a fundamental part of our regional and national infrastructure – and our prosperity. It is so critical that we do everything we can to properly preserve, manage and protect the waters of Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes.

Our Mandate

Our goal? To preserve and protect the water of Georgian Bay and the creatures it is home to with thorough scientific process and research that answers and raises important questions to get to the right solutions. In the process, we also protect our health, safety and quality of life, which, like the region’s economic future, all rely heavily on the permanent presence, quantity and quality of these essential waters.

It takes dedication to protect the Bay. Click on the + signs to see what we are tackling around water quality:

1. NEW:Divert and Capture. To divert microplastics out of our precious water.
2. Ongoing: To drastically improve water quality monitoring by establishing a standardized set of water quality testing protocols and revolutionize water quality data acquisition.
3. Complete, but ongoing impact: Blue-Green Algae.
4. Complete. Great and efficient scientific tool: The first microbial source tracking assessment of water quality in the Township of Georgian Bay.
5. Complete. Great scientific tool - Paleolimnologic Studies in the North and South Bays of Honey Harbour.
6. Helping research the make-up of sediment and its capacity to release Phosphorus into the water.