Webinar Recordings

These webinars focus on water protection for Georgian Bay and are intended to be educational, provide tips on actions you can take, and add to public knowledge and discourse, and help to inform decision-making. With your help, our overall goal is to help to find and create real and long-lasting solutions to Georgian Bay water issues.
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In addition to webinar recordings:
  • There are many videos or materials and articles on various topics from previous live symposiums. To find out if there is a content on a certain topic or event, please email info@gbf.org.
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Water Levels: What Is Going On? 1 Hr Webinar Recording of factors that drive water levels. Start webinar recording...

July 2021- Effects of Wearing Plastic

Effects of Wearing Plastic: 1 Hr Webinar Recording. Start webinar recording...

June 2020- Microfiber Pollution Update

Microfibers Diversion Study: 1 Hr Webinar Recording Update. Start webinar recording...

July 2020- Property Resiliency

Build resiliency to face climate changes. 1/2 hour video. Start webinar recording...