Committees of the Board

The Communications and Marketing Committee

This committee is responsible for the myriad of communication vehicles Forever releases, publishes, eblasts, twitters, and posts, all to do with the charity’s work on the Bay. The committee is committed to a thorough analysis of primary documents and the development of policies and positions in the best interests of Georgian Bay’s aquatic ecosystem. Its duties include communicating complex scientific information in a language that can be understood by the common reader, succinctly and accurately. Headed by chair Jennifer Ferguson, the committee includes Helen Bryce,  Amber Gordon-Bunn, Heather Sargeant , Sara Carter, Anne Randell,  Tess Dunn, Adam Chamberlain, and David Sweetnam.

The Fund Development Committee

The Fund Development Committee coordinates all Georgian Bay Forever’s fundraising efforts. With a focus on building relationships, it provides opportunities for individuals, foundations and corporations to provide donations in support of GBF’s important scientific and research work. Members include Chair Anne Randell, Jennifer Ferguson, Len Gamache, Nancy Bowen, Dawn Drayton, Peter Hatcher, Adam Chamberlain and staff David Sweetnam, Amber Gordon-Bunn, and Heather Sargeant.

The Governance and Nominating Committee

This committee chaired by Terry Clark, oversees the running of the organization, ensuring the transparency and accountability of its operations. It seeks candidates for the board that are reflective of the many regions of the Bay. It ensures that the Board has the talents and expertise it needs to carry out its tasks and make well-informed decisions. Members include Adam Chamberlain, Janet Burt, Paul Emond and Laren Stadelman , Anne Randell and David Sweetnam.

The Education Committee

This new committee, chaired by Helen Bryce, has been charged with a clear purpose to foster compelling educational offerings that distinguish GBF from other organizations using science as our content. It makes recommendations to the board about educating constituents and other interested parties concerning issues and approaches that will protect the health and integrity of the Georgian Bay ecosystem and engage communities in solutions. Other members include: Paul Emond, Amber Gordon-Bunn, Heather Sargeant, Dawn Drayton, John McCallister, Adam Chamberlain and David Sweetnam.

The Finance and Resources Committee

This committee is responsible for ensuring that the books balance and that accounting procedures are compliant with all the relevant regulations, and that the accounting reflects the expenditures. The Chair of the committee is Joe Tucker. Members include Janet Burt, Doug Heintzman, Anne Randell, Adam Chamberlain and David Sweetnam.

The Science Committee

This committee is chaired by Neil Hutchinson, and includes Derek Bowan, Doug Heintzman, Laren Stadelman, Adam Chamberlain and David Sweetnam.

Executive Committee and Public Affairs

Chair Adam Chamberlain. Members: Anne Randell and Executive Director David Sweetnam.