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Georgian Bay Forever

PO Box 75347
Leslie St, Toronto, ON
M4M 1B3
tel: (905) 880-4945

Executive director is David Sweetnam

To contact our team (If the clickable email link doesn't work for your setting, please type the email address manually):

Kim Woodhouse -Administration and Accounting
(905) 880-4945 ext. 2

Amber Gordon - Director of Development, Donor Relations
(905) 880-4945 ext. 3

Heather Sargeant - Director of Communications
(905) 880-4945 ext. 4

Nicole Dimond - Project Coordinator for Divert and Capture (Diversion 2.0): The fight to keep microplastics out of our water
(905) 880-4945 ext. 5

Brooke Harrison - Project Coordinator for Collingwood Divert and Capture: The fight to keep microplastics out of our water and summer projects Community Phragbusting: Removing invasive Phragmites from our coastal wetlands.
(905) 880-4945 ext. 6

Our Canadian Registered Charity is
# 89531 1066 RR 0001

American donors to Georgian Bay Forever may receive a charitable deduction by making the gift payable to

The Great Lakes Basin Conservancy
PO BOX 504
Gates Mils, OH